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Lolly Lightning

Lolly is multi-talented, creative and adaptable. Snap her up for incredible fire and UV acts, as well as striking modelling!

Oscar Circles

Oscar is proficient in a huge number of props, and has a stage presence like no other! He also offers industry leading, professional grade coaching. 

Lilith Lixx

Lilith has a huge arsenal of props that 
will bring variety, technical ability and 
untameable passion to any show!

Polly Anther

Polly is a stunning burlesque, fetish and sideshow performer, alongside incredible death-defying pole dance skills!

Olivia Livewire

Co-founder of Raze Hell Entertainment, Olivia can enthuse anyone with monstrous fire breathing, modelling and more!

Sophie Aurelia Young

Sophie is an experienced model, trained ballet and contemporary dancer, as well as being a dedicated FIRE CRACKER!

Abby Toir

She knows no fear or pain, she’s a sideshow queen, and she feeds on screams of wonder from her enraptured audience! 

Tilly Chester

Tilly is a trained Violin and Viola player, and combines this skill with aerial stunts! With beautiful flow skills, she’s one to watch!

Medusa Hades

Taming the mighty whip and bringing all the captivating nature of the serpent, Medusa Hades lives up to her name!

Missy Von Curse

Sword Swallower, Fire starter and all round blue haired bombshell, Missy is energetic and gorgeous, not to be missed! 

Hela Hex

Lover of gore, horror and spookiness, Hela loves sideshow, fire vapour tricks, body burning and terror! 

Radio Anna

Anna is a stunning singer and will set the world on fire with her passion and drive, not to mention her fire fans!

Salem Rose

Curvy, alternative, cow print loving -Salem is a professional model, burlesque dancer, and wielder of fire torches and fans!